Our Philosophy


Your club lacrosse career is about development. It’s about fundamentals. It’s about learning to play the game. It’s about loving the game. It’s about getting the right kind of coaching. The type of coaching that will teach both lacrosse and life lessons. The type of coaching that will teach stickwork and integrity side-by-side. The type of coaching that places emphasis on the athletes’ progression rather than their stats. The type of coaching that will stay with an athlete for life, inspire them to succeed, and instill in them the kind of positive energy that will continue to inspire those who cross their paths. You need genuinely good people to teach your kids how to play the game and, more importantly, how to respect the game.

  • Provide quality coaching to players at all levels of their development.
  • Facilitate and promote growth of the sport of lacrosse throughout the Saint Louis area.
  • Teach players not only how to be great lacrosse players, but to be great athletes and people.
  • Be a positive force in the community that we serve.
  • Educate our club players and families on the recruiting process and help to facilitate successful recruiting.

Committed to the game.
Committed to our players.
Committed to our community.